How To Clean Up Your Home After Your Sewer Backs Up


A sewer back-up is not only messy, smelly and gross, it is also a health hazard. If your sewer has backed-up in to your basement or bathroom, you are going to need to act as quickly as possible to clean up your home. Here is what you need to do to protect your home and your health when your sewer backs up. Turn Off Utilities The first thing you need to do is turn off your utilities.

4 March 2016

3 Habits That Can Increase Your Septic Tank's Life Span


A septic tank can often be pretty tricky to maintain and care for due to the fact that there is often no way to tell if something is wrong with the tank itself until it is too late to avoid damages. Typically, your first warning sign that something is wrong will be when waste from the septic tank backs into your house and out of your drains or floods your yard.

1 March 2016