Protect Your Home Through Awareness - Signs You May Need Your Septic Tank Serviced


It's often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and when it comes to maintaining your home's septic system, it's absolutely true. Keeping an eye out for warning signs that you're headed toward a tank failure is incredibly important, as the resulting unpleasant flood could lead to severe long-term consequences. Below, you'll find a guide to some of those signs and some steps you can take to alleviate them.

15 May 2017

Tip For Landscaping On Top Of Your Septic System's Leach Field Without Injuring It


While many homeowners would say that their septic system's most important part is its tank, the leach field is actually the most vital part of the system. Without a properly functioning leach field, your septic tank will not drain and stinky wastewater will backup into your home. To avoid this nasty fate, you need to be very careful when you landscape on top of your home's leach field. To this end, use these time-tested tips to safely landscape your leach field area:

7 May 2017

How To Clean Up Your Home After Your Sewer Backs Up


A sewer back-up is not only messy, smelly and gross, it is also a health hazard. If your sewer has backed-up in to your basement or bathroom, you are going to need to act as quickly as possible to clean up your home. Here is what you need to do to protect your home and your health when your sewer backs up. Turn Off Utilities The first thing you need to do is turn off your utilities.

4 March 2016

3 Habits That Can Increase Your Septic Tank's Life Span


A septic tank can often be pretty tricky to maintain and care for due to the fact that there is often no way to tell if something is wrong with the tank itself until it is too late to avoid damages. Typically, your first warning sign that something is wrong will be when waste from the septic tank backs into your house and out of your drains or floods your yard.

1 March 2016

4 Things You Should Know About Your Septic System


If you aren't familiar with septic systems and you have just bought a home that has one, there are four things you should keep in mind. Your system could last a very long time if you take care of it properly. 1. Be careful what you pour down the drains or flush. Too much water going down the drains can affect the delicate system in the tank, so be careful about your water use.

30 July 2015