5 Warning Signs You Need to Hire Residential Septic Services


A failing septic system can be extremely infuriating for a homeowner and may limit their daily household activities. The main purpose of a septic tank is to treat wastewater. Without routine maintenance, untreated waste can pose a significant danger of contaminating the surrounding water with bacteria that can cause numerous infectious diseases. A septic tank should be cleaned at least once every few years. 

In this case, you might want to consider contracting a professional septic service provider for routine inspections. Here are some of the signs you might need to hire residential septic services.

1. Strong Odor

A strong odor is a common indication that your septic tank is failing. When a septic tank overflows, it can cause a bad smell to spread in and out of your house. If you are experiencing this, it's a sign you should immediately contact a skilled septic services provider to fix the problem. A plumber will inspect your septic tank and, if necessary, clean it to get rid of the foul smell.

2. Backed Up or Slow Drains

Once the septic system starts to fail, you will notice that the toilets or sinks keep on backing up every time you use them. A slow drain is a clear sign that you need to contact residential septic services. Ignoring the problem will cause more damage to your septic tank and, in the long run, cost you a lot of money.

3. Stagnant Water

When a septic tank starts to fill up, you will notice a pool of water in various parts of your lawn. If not immediately dealt with, the pool of sewage water can contaminate groundwater. The best option is to hire residential septic service providers to examine and pump out the excess waste from your septic tank.

4. Splattering Noises 

While running your sinks or flushing your toilet, you occasionally hear a sloshing noise. This is a sign that your septic tank is full and requires pumping. It might also indicate that there is a clog in the draining system. A professional plumber will examine the septic system, determine the problem and fix it.

5. Sewage Back-Up

Having sewage in your home is a real health hazard. If the house water mixes with sewage water, it might lead to contaminated water-related diseases. Therefore, it is the best time to have your septic tank serviced.

If you notice some of the above warning signs in your resident, it is time for septic services. Having your septic tank inspected will prevent damage to it and maintain your septic system in perfect shape


22 April 2021

Building Septic Tanks on New Properties: Tips, Facts and Ideas

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