Repairing Your Home's Damaged Water Well


If your home uses a water well, you will want to be sure that you are ready for situations where you have to repair the well system. Otherwise, your home could be forced to go without water for long periods of time or to suffer other types of plumbing issues.

Damage To The Filtration Systems

Many modern water well systems will have filtration systems built into them that will be able to eliminate much of the particulate matter and other substances from the water so that the water quality from the well will be high. Sadly, the filtration system can fail for any number of reasons. In addition to causing the water quality to drop, a broken filer could also potentially lead to the well becoming completely clogged.

Failed Water Pump

The pump in your water well is an important component as it will actually move the water from the ground to the storage tank that your home will draw water from. A failed pump can be a significant problem for a water well to experience as these pumps can be extraordinarily heavy. In many cases, they may weigh up to several hundred pounds, which could make it impossible for you to raise it out of the well shaft. A professional water well repair service will be able to effectively remove the damaged water well from the ground so that it can be replaced or effectively repaired. Unfortunately, if a person attempts to remove a water well pump without the right equipment, they could damage the water shaft, which could cause the entire well to require being replaced.

Cracked Well Liners

Your water well will have an interior lining that will prevent the water that is being pumped out of the ground from leaking into the surrounding soil near the surface as well as preventing the surrounding walls from collapsing. A common type of damage for older well systems can be for this lining to become cracked. Once a crack forms in the lining, it will be able to destabilize the entire well. There can be many reasons for a cracked interior lining, but it is common for this damage to go unnoticed due to it being inside the well. Having the interior of the well inspected every couple of years will allow for these weak spots in the well lining to be found and repaired before they are able to cause significant problems for the entire water well system.

Talk to a water well repair service if your water well isn't functioning properly.


3 February 2021

Building Septic Tanks on New Properties: Tips, Facts and Ideas

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