How A Septic Service Might Deal With A Clog In Your Home's Septic System


When your septic tank is clogged, you could have a serious problem on your hands if the situation is so bad that sewage is spilling in your yard or backing up in your toilet. Call a septic professional when it seems like your system has clogs so the right repairs can be done quickly and keep sewage waste from contaminating your property. Here are some steps the septic service might do to unclog your septic system.

Determine The Reason For The Clog If Possible

A clog in your main sewer line, a tank that's too full, a clog in the pipe to the drainfield, drainfield pipe clogs, and drainfield soil with solids in it are all things that could cause your septic system to overflow or back up. The repair professional might use a pipe camera to look inside drains or open up the septic tank to take a look. They may also walk around your property to look for signs that the drainfield is not draining properly. This information could help determine where the clog problem is located in your system so the right repairs can be done.

Hydro Jet Clogged Drains

If a sewer pipe is clogged with hair, grease, paper, and soap scum, it might be cleaned out with a hydro jet that can blast the clog apart and flush it on through the system. Tree roots can also be a source of clogs, and a hydro jet can get rid of those too so that the pipe is open and able to move waste more quickly.

Pump Out The Tank

If the tank is full, then pumping it out might solve the problem. However, the solution might be short-lived if the clog is in the drainfield since the tank will hold water and solids until the tank is full enough to start draining into the field again. If the problem is with the soil or drains in the field, then clogging problems may return.

Replace Clogged Drainfield Pipes

A drainfield pipe can get clogged with tree roots too. It shouldn't get clogged with waste solids if your septic system is working properly, but these clogs can form for various reasons. Your septic service may not want to use a hydro jet on the pipes in your drainfield. These pipes are different from traditional drain pipes in that the drainfield pipes have slots in them for water to leak through. A hydro jet might force solid materials through the slots and cause even more damage to the drainfield. It might be necessary to dig up the field and replace the pipe to get rid of the clog.

Move The Drainfield

If the problem with your system is due to the soil in the drainfield being clogged, then the only solution might be to move the field. This is a big undertaking, and your septic service might have alternative suggestions to buy extra time, but once the soil fails, then it needs to rest and recover before it starts draining and filtering water again. Since you'll need a functional drainfield for your home, the right solution might be to install a new drainfield in a different part of your yard so your sewage woes will come to an end.

To learn more, contact your local residential septic services.


13 August 2019

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