Smelly Water in Your Yard? Now What?


If you have a septic tank and wake up to smelly water in your yard, you're rightfully concerned. An overflowing septic tank is never a good thing, but there are actually several issues that may be to blame for the overflow, and some are easier to fix than others. Here's a look!

An Overfilled Tank

The least worrisome possibility is that your tank is just overdue for a pumping. When too much solid waste builds up at the bottom of the tank, there's not a lot of room for water. So, it exits the tank prematurely, sometimes carrying with it some of the scum or grease from the top of the tank. If you have your septic company come pump the tank, the issue will subside. In the future, make sure you have your tank pumped at least every 3 years so it does not get to this point again.

A Blockage in the Outflow Pipes

Your septic tank has several pipes flowing off of it. These lead out into the drain field, where they slowly discharge water into the soil. If one of these outflow pipes becomes blocked, water may flood out of the unobstructed pipes in one area. Plus, the pressure created in the tank by the blockage may cause some smelly solids to come out with the water. A septic repair company should be able to free the blockage.

A Broken Tank

The other possibility, and the least favorable one, is that you have a hole in your septic tank. The most common place where holes form is between the upper and lower portions of the septic tank. (Tanks are usually made in two pieces and then connected together.) The hole may have been there for a while, but is only beginning to leak now when the water has reached a certain level.

A septic tank repair company might be able to patch the tank, depending on the size and location of the leak. However, you may be better off replacing the septic tank if it is on the older side. Once a tank starts developing leaks, more holes are usually just over the horizon.

It's never smart to ignore smelly water in the yard. Not only does it bother your nose, but it can contain harmful bacteria that you would not want your kids or pets to come into contact with. Contact your septic company and have them get to the bottom of the issue! For more information, visit a website such as


30 November 2017

Building Septic Tanks on New Properties: Tips, Facts and Ideas

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