Important Considerations To Understand About Installing A Septic Tank


Septic tank installations can be essential for allowing a home in a rural location to have a way of effectively managing any waste that is produced by the plumbing. Before you start the process of having a contractor install a septic system, you should consider some information to help you avoid making mistakes that could lead to damages, expensive fines or other complications.

You Will Likely Be Required To File For A Permit Prior To Being Able To Install The Septic Tank

Most communities will have stipulations mandating that individuals file the appropriate paperwork before they start to install a septic system. Providing the information that is deemed required by the local community is essential to have a permit issued for your new septic tank. This step is critical for minimizing the risks of septic tanks leaking. When one of these systems leaks, it can contaminate underground sources of water, which may have major consequences for the entire community. If it is discovered that you have installed a septic tank without first obtaining a permit, there are a variety of punitive actions that the local government may take and the insurance may void the policy that covers your home.

Basic Servicing Of A Septic Tank Will Usually Not Require Major Excavations

Having a septic tank serviced periodically will allow solid matter that has collected in the tank to be removed from the system. Yet, homeowners often neglect to allow this type of work to be done as they may be worried about much of their property needing to be excavated. To avoid the potential problems that this excavation can cause, these tanks have access hatches. You should consider placing an identifying marker above this hatch so that it will always be able to be found.

The Items You Put Down The Drains Will Have A Strong Effect On The Septic Tank

If you have a septic tank, you will want to take great care when putting anything down the drains. Strong chemicals can damage the septic tank, large pieces of solid matter can clog it and inorganic materials may not break down in the tank. A good rule of thumb is to avoid putting any unnatural chemicals in the drain, minimize the amount of grease that gets in the drains and install strainers to prevent large or inorganic items from entering the system. This steps combined with routine pumping can help you to keep your septic system functioning in an effective and efficient manner.  

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11 September 2017

Building Septic Tanks on New Properties: Tips, Facts and Ideas

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