Is Your Flooring Salvageable After A Septic Tank Backup?


Septic tanks, when too full, have the angry tendency to back up and create a big mess on their owner's floors. The mess is probably quite disgusting, and you might want to replace your flooring afterward. But if you're wondering how to salvage a damaged floor, here are some options.

Get the Mess Cleaned Up Quickly

Let's just start with getting all of the septic mess out of the way. Your septic repairs professional will help you stem the flow of wastewater onto your floor. Get a septic tank pumping at the time of service to get rid of the underlying issue; an overflowing septic tank. Make sure all of your plumbing fixtures are back to normal before you let your plumber leave the house. A drain clearing service is necessary if your drains continue to be blocked after solids have flowed back through the drains.

You will probably need a hydrovac to clean up the mess on your floor if the water level is an inch or more. These can be rented from the plumber. When you have a floor that is free of sewage, move onto the next step.

Decide Whether to Replace Flooring

There is no easy choice on what to do with your flooring. But here are some options, based on the type of flooring.


Carpet may or may not be salvageable. Your best bet is to get a professional steam cleaning immediately. The cleaner applies chemicals to lift stains out of the carpet. It's often used for pet stains, so it might well work on plumbing spills as well. Just speak with the professional about whether your carpet is the right material to handle the chemicals involved with steam cleaning.


Wood is perhaps the most vulnerable to lasting damage after your plumbing accident if it is unfinished. The waste water will seep into the wood and potentially create lasting stains or smells. And, if unfinished wood is left wet for multiple days, it can start to decay. You might need to have at least the surface of the word sanded down and then get the wood finished with a low-VOC varnish.


The good news for synthetic floors and those finished with polyurethane or other laminate materials is that they will hold up a little better than others to a flood. There's simply the issue of sanitizing the materials and spraying for mold. Still, have a flooring specialist give a second opinion if you're worried about the long-term effects on your floor.

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7 August 2017

Building Septic Tanks on New Properties: Tips, Facts and Ideas

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